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Hanok (Enoch) African-Israel Calendar   2014 Second Draft now released

Below are many answers but if not just write to us africanysrael@yahoo.com to ask the Rabbi any other questions.

The Ten Commandments:    Download this and print it to put on your doors on the right hand side, as YHWH commanded, you can laminate it.  Link

The Ten Commandments in Colour  -  Download link

Does Yahushua remove past, present and future sins? By Rabbi Simon Altaf HaKohen    Link     3, Dec 2014

Teshuvah (What is repentance?)   Link  3, Dec 2014

I have soul pains what can I do to heal myself?    Link

Why does the G-d of Israel loves women?  Link

Searching for Momma’s love   Link

Jealousy good or bad by Rabbi Simon Altaf   Link

Who is the Saviour?   Part A The question   part 1  Link   part 2 The Answer

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly    Link

All religions are self serving and bigoted by Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen  Link

Waiting upon God by Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen       Link

Is the New Testament Reliable?      Link

How to find a suitable husband/wife  Link

Why do we Suffer?     Link

What colour was Jacob            Link

Bamboozled by Christianity     Link

Tatoos and Piercings Does the Torah allow them  Link

Lashon Hara (Evil speech) slander and its eternal effects  Link

Is the Qur'an perfect and what does the word Torah really mean?  Link

Christians are deceived Transcript    Link

Destruction comes to Kenya 2013  Link

Offices of Authority  - Paul exposed as a fraud...    Link

Slavery in the Bible Transcript from the youtube video     Link

Yahushua the Black Messiah  Part 1    Part 2

Hebrews who are they?   Link

Guest Article - Torah is not about a feel good book  Link   By Obadi'Yah Ben Yah'sra'el

When does the true Day begin Sunrise or Sunset?  Link

When does the Sabbath End?   Link

Withering Hebrews, Elohim said this and Elohim said that, a plea to the Hebrews  Link

Battered wives and Halaka on what to do?    Link

Where did the Name Jesus Christ evolve from? The pagan mixing of Constantine -Transcript from Shabbat teaching  August 10, 2013    Link

Call no man a Rabbi (Matthew 23:8)  Link

Hebrew customs and how a husband is to behave with a western Hebrew wife?   Link

Beheadings not a new phenomena now in Europe also   Link

How to recognize a Hebrew versus a Hamite   Link

The Congregation of YHWH, mutilation and Moabites Exclusion    Link

Nehemiah Gordon and Oral Torah, should we obey the oral laws  Link

Why we must not hate Muslims     Link

What about unconditional love a myth or reality?   Link

What happens when you pray to false names such as Jesus, Allah and Krishna?  Link

Did Abraham worship Allah         Link

Who is the Bride of the Messiah         Link

Should we wear rings or wedding bands?  Link

The Order of Abbah YHWH     Link

In Service to Abbah YHWH  Link

What will happen to Habitual liars?   Link

Living together with an unbelieving Spouse   Link

The Star of David Historical Y'sra'elite symbol or not?   Link

No Thanks to Thanks Giving Link

The Scepter shall not depart from Yahudah   Link

How to pray for the prayer to be answered?  Link

The Seven Spirits of YHWH   Link

The False holy spirit in Churches  Link

Should we tithe and why?  Link

What is the Gospel (Besorah)? Link

How to deal with demonic oppression   Link

How can we know that someone is saved? By Rabbi Simon  Link

Isaiah 7:14…and shall call his name Immanuel by Rabbi Simon Link

The choice of the seventy elders? By Rabbi Simon  Link

Was Israel created by the Most High's hand in 1948?  Link

What and how to get Salvation, the Hebraic way?  Link

Slandering and bad speech  Link

The Biblical marriage Link

The Christian, Catholic and Jewish Hell a place of paradise but the real hell…?  Link

How does one get Salvation and what does it mean?  Link

African-Studies Part 5: Was the Bible given to the modern Jews? Link

False apostles and prophets of Christianity by Rabbi Simon Altaf  Link

How do I keep Torah and Sabbath?  Link

How to recognize false prophets  Link

Do you love Jesus or Borgia Cesare?  Link

The battle for Jerusalem Link

Crucifixion of Yahushua - Did John and Mark contradict each other?  Link

The Study on Abraham part 1 - Sarah and his three other wives Link

The Study on Abraham part 2-Keturah Link

The Study on Abraham part 3 - My Father's House (John 14:16) Link

The Study on Abraham Part 4 - I remain Childless (Gen 15:2)  Link

The Study on Abraham Part 5- Was the Bible given to the Modern Jews?  Link

Can we eat foods sacrificed by Muslims and can they be classed as eating meat sacrificed to an idol?  Link

Yahushua Studies You are of your father the devil (John 8:44) and the synagogue the Satan what do they mean?  Link

Does God benefit sinners?  Link

Can I utter the name and what is the name of our God? By Rabbi Simon Altaf   Link

The Ark of Noah where did it land?   Link

In Search of the Real Hebrews   Link

What does Matthew 7:21 mean?    Link

DID YHWH really say I Am?  Link

Are the Muslims illegitimate and should we hate them? Link            

Jacob's trouble, When?  Link

Understanding the 10 tribes of Israel return  Link 

How to protect the Sacred Name of YHWH?  Link 

The name of God?  Link

Jonah the prophet - Part 1 Link

Jonah the prophet - Part 2 Link

Judah and Tamar   Link 

Baptism - How and why?   Link

Where does the term Christian come from and it is the Bible?  Link

Service order for Yom Kippur Link

The Lord does not change Link

Is Yahushua the Messiah?  PDF

What does Call upon the name mean? PDF

Satan gets Stage  PDF 

How do I keep Torah?   PDF

Prayers before and after the meal  Link

Samaritan at the well  PDF

Everlasting continuous punishment or termination of life completely? PDF

Salvation of the Yahudim  Read it and believe it and stop paying attention to other junk.  Link

The Sabbath Study (47 pages PDF)  Link

Will the Christians Enter the 1000 years millennial reign? (12 pages study PDF)  HTML

Who are the sons of Sheth - Numbers 24:17? (12 pages study PDF)  PDF

The laws of uncleanness for women  Link

How do we deal with pain and sorrow?  Link

Christianity the religion of Rome  Link

What would happen to those who live disobedient to Torah but profess the Messiah Yahushua (Jesus of Nazareth)?  Link

The prayers for the dead. How and why Link

Is the Lunar Sabbath Scriptural, Scriptural?   PDF 

Can I marry a foreign woman who is an unbeliever?  Link

Is there any cure for a homosexual lifestyle?  PDF

Is the Holy Spirit a person in the Trinity?   PDF

Head coverings for Israelites   Link

Is the Holy Spirit masculine or feminine? PDF

Jesus or Yahushua what should I call Him?   PDF

What name should I be baptized in?  Link

The lies of the God delusion   Link

Should Christians freely eat pork, crabs, lobsters things which are unclean and are called an abomination, what about Kosher?  Link

100 Points refuted why America is not Babylon the great Link

Are Shia and Sunni Muslims brothers?   Link

Increases and curses for Christians or only Jews?  Link 

Can a Christian lose his salvation?  Link

Is Allah the title for God or is this a mistake? Link

Is there a Biblical dress code?  Link

Is "Hell" real and what happens when we die?  Link

The 613 Commandments list in the Torah Link

The Passion of Christ or Rome?  Link


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