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Hanok (Enoch) African-Israel Calendar   2014  -----   2015 Calendar First Draft      Link

Below are many answers but if not just write to us africanysrael@yahoo.com to ask the Rabbi any other questions.

The Ten Commandments:    Download this and print it to put on your doors on the right hand side, as YHWH commanded, you can laminate it.  Link

The Ten Commandments in Colour  -  Download link

Is Hell Real, can your deceased loved one's be redeemed?    Link

Does Yahushua remove past, present and future sins? By Rabbi Simon Altaf HaKohen    Link     3, Dec 2014

Teshuvah (What is repentance?)   Link  3, Dec 2014

I have soul pains what can I do to heal myself?    Link

Why does the G-d of Israel loves women?  Link

Searching for Momma’s love   Link

Jealousy good or bad by Rabbi Simon Altaf   Link

Who is the Saviour?   Part A The question   part 1  Link   part 2 The Answer

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly    Link

All religions are self serving and bigoted by Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen  Link

Waiting upon God by Rabbi Simon Altaf Hakohen       Link

Is the New Testament Reliable?      Link

How to find a suitable husband/wife  Link

Why do we Suffer?     Link

What colour was Jacob            Link

Bamboozled by Christianity     Link

Tatoos and Piercings Does the Torah allow them  Link

Lashon Hara (Evil speech) slander and its eternal effects  Link

Is the Qur'an perfect and what does the word Torah really mean?  Link

Christians are deceived Transcript    Link

Destruction comes to Kenya 2013  Link

Offices of Authority  - Paul exposed as a fraud...    Link

Slavery in the Bible Transcript from the youtube video     Link


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