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Hanok (Enoch) African-Israel Calendar   2014  -----   2015 Calendar First Draft      Link

Download the 72 names of G-d in colour so you can put them on the North side of your Room            Link

Below are many answers but if not just write to us africanysrael@yahoo.com to ask the Rabbi any other questions.

The Ten Commandments:    Download this and print it to put on your doors on the right hand side, as YHWH commanded, you can laminate it.  Link  To put on your front door as commanded!

The Ten Commandments in Colour  -  Download link

Rebbe Simon Altaf Hakohen on: Jesus is not the Messiah or G-d     Rebbe Kefa on: Hebrew Actions in the Nations    31, Jan 2015   Link

Almah - Behold, a virgin shall conceive    Link

Who is the Saviour?   Link

Do you have salvation by just reciting a formula in Jesus name?   Link

The Scroll of Yonah (Jonah)    Link

Are you in Contract?    Link

Is Yahushua Jesus, the Messiah, G-d/Man, or were the gospels corrupted to make him into one   Link

Behavior and beards    Link

I have soul pains, what can I do to heal myself?     Link

Are the Muslims illegitimate Children and should we hate them?     Link

The Study on Abraham, his four wives (Sarah)    Link

The Study on Abraham (Keturah)   Link

Abraham the Assyrian?     Link

The Study on Abraham part 3 MY FATHER’S HOUSE an African term   Link

Will Africa Rise again before the coming of the Messiah?    Link

Abraham-I remain childless (Gen 15-2)  Link

AI Yom Kippur services   Link

Twice the son of Hell   Link

Gentile religions are self serving and bigoted    Link

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly   Link

Y’sra’el recreated, in 1948 by G-d or men?  Link

They shall be my people and I shall be their God Zechar'yah 8:8   Link

What is the message of YHWH for all times    Link

Justice and battered women in the way of the Hebrews  Link


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